Abca successfully introduces Abcaxanthin™ astaxanthin product from Algae

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid with unique cell membrane antioxidant functions. According to a growing body of scientific evidence, astaxanthin plays a role in supporting eye and heart health. Astaxanthin is not made in the human body and is currently obtained almost exclusively from dietary sources such as salmon and crustaceans. Its intense red color contributes to the color pigmentation of salmon, shrimp, crabs and other marine life. Due to astaxanthin’s unique molecular structure, position and distribution within cell membranes and lipoproteins, astaxanthin has been the focus of many clinical studies assessing its ability to support eye and heart health.


Astaxanthin has a unique molecular structure that allows it to insert itself across the cell membrane bi-layer. In this position, astaxanthin can intercept reactive oxygen species (free radical molecules) and limit damage to cells. This positioning also allows astaxanthin to complement the activities of other antioxidants, which are located at the surface of cell membranes to protect cells from harmful oxidation.

Comparative Analysis of Abca-Astaxanthin with Astaxanthin >97% (HPLC), from Haematococcus pluvailis

Abca-Astaxanthin is a nature astaxanthin extracted from Algae and was profiled with >97% pure Astaxanthin standard on HPLC. Abca-Astaxanthin™ is a high-quality, high-potency carotenoid whose antioxidant power offers significant health benefits and complements the performance of other antioxidants in dietary supplements. Moreover, Abca BioSolutions has an unsurpassed global network to provide a comprehensive astaxanthin supply whenever and wherever it’s needed.