The training division of Abca BioSolutions Pvt. Ltd. is located in Mohali which is in close proximity to Chandigarh (approx. 6 Km). Chandigarh as a city is known for its cosmopolitan culture which is friendly and very safe. Being surrounded by green trees all around it is a very clean and beautiful city to live in. As majority of the students (especially girls) undergoing industrial training at Abca BioSolutions come from places spread throughout India. The students during their stay live in the nearby paying guest accommodations which are safe and comfortable for the girl students. Abca BioSolutions also share contact numbers of its current students staying around Abca BioSolutions with students registered for trainings and projects. They can pre-book their accommodation through there seniors. Abca BioSolutions provides assistance to the students in finding out a comfortable and affordable paying guest accommodation when they come for their industrial training programs. At the time of start of the industrial training, the list of selected paying guest shortlisted by the company would be displayed on the notice board. The parents and the students are free to choose from the list of the paying guests listed. .

Kindly Note

Abca BioSolutions has no role in the operation of the paying guest accommodation.

The company is simply facilitating the students so that there is no harassment to them.

The students are free to opt for any paying guest or any other type of accommodation as per their discretion.

The fee for the accommodation has to be directly deposited to the paying guests opted.

Please opt for the paying guest accommodation required in case you expect the company to arrange for the paying guest when you come